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From battle-suited space marines to giant walking tanks, GURPS Mecha covers the entire mecha genre! In this book you'll find: An easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to building mecha, fully compatible with GURPS Robots and Vehicles. Advanced rules and options: transforming and combining machines that can turn into cycles or fighter planes, overload boosters, psionic mecha, energy battlesuits, giant swords and even steampunk mecha! Advice on using mecha in everything from alien invasions to superhero campaigns, and suggestions for adventures inspired by Japanese anime. Special combat rules that play up the cinematic flavor of anime and mecha combat, as well as realistic rules for sensors, weapons and orbital drops. Sample mecha and battlesuits. Character creation rules for mecha-genre characters and cinematic aliens. A detailed campagin world, Cybermech Damocles!